VARCA has evolved from a thought in one personís mind, George Hegyi, to an organization dedicated to serving all special needs individuals from Derby, Ansonia, Shelton, Seymour, Oxford, Beacon Falls and Milford.


VARCA was established in 1959. Its first goal was to educate the community as to the abilities and needs of people with special needs. Of equal, if not greater importance was to help the handicapped realize their potential and become contributing members of society.


With the support of various organizations in the Valley towns, the first daycare center was established at the First Methodist Church in Derby. In order to prepare the pre-school child for public school admission, a program was formulated at the Commodore Hull School in Shelton where the children were taught to participate in group activities and to follow simple directions. Meanwhile, an evening academic class at the Community Center in Shelton was started for older retarded citizens.


On March 22, 1962 the first VARCA Workshop opened in Ansonia. Here vocational training and rehabilitation of the young adults became a full time program. In 1963, to provide† additional space for the many new applicants for both vocational and recreational social programs, VARCA purchased the William Carriage House on West Fourth Street in Derby.


By 1967 classes had more than doubled in size. The needs and demands had grown to such an extent that the facility was no longer adequate. That same year the organization suffered the loss of its founder, George Hegyi. Determined to continue the work he had started, VARCA decided to develop a center that would permanently fulfill its requirements. Land was acquired from the City of Derby in 1968 and through the efforts and hard work of a dedicated Building Committee and the generosity of the Valley Community, George Hegyi Industries became a reality in 1971. Since then it has undergone several changes and improvements, including two major additions. These changes have helped us to better serve our clients and customers alike.


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